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Save Blood & Save Lives.

Strategic Healthcare Group highlights the individual and cumulative success of its hospital clients in saving blood and saving patient lives.

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Blood management isn’t our business model.
It’s our mission.

We don’t sell medical devices, pharmaceuticals or blood products. We are healthcare providers with a passion for quality improvement and patient safety with decades of blood management program experience.

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Our Vision

To ensure each and every unit of blood transfused is appropriate.

Blood management is an evidence based process that is designed to promote the optimal use of blood and blood-related resources. The goal of blood management is to ensure each and every transfusion is appropriate. "We have to be sure we are giving the right dose of blood to the right patient at the right time, and make much smarter use of blood products."1, 2

1Boucher BA, Hannon TJ. Blood management: a primer for clinicians. Pharmacotherapy, 2007;27(10):1394-1411.
2Hospitals seek to limit use of transfusions,” by Laura Landro.The Wall Street Journal October 29, 2008

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Accelerating change in healthcare organizations.

Our consulting process incorporates change management as a core strategy to accelerate program implementation. Using a powerful E4 method - Evaluate, Educate, Engage & Empower- we shift the behavior and culture of the organization towards better blood use within 90 days.

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We hardwire success with best-in-class blood management analytics, education & program support.

Blood Management University® provides world class education; Blood Management Exchange® provides program support; and our proprietary BloodStat® Multidimensional Analytics provide the clinical and business intelligence to identify, improve, and maintain blood management opportunities.
BloodStat® U.S. & international patents pending.

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Blood Management University® is the nation's leading source of comprehensive blood management education.

Since awareness and education are essential strategies for changing blood utilization practices, Blood Management University® provides a broad range of learning options for clinical and support staff. Our comprehensive resources include the Blood Management University® Live Learning webinar series, Blood Management University® Online, and the Blood Management University® Campus in Indianapolis.

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Blood Management Tweets

The Bloody Truth Blog

Blood Management Year in Review: Part II

December 30, 2013

This is Part II of a blog based upon my Blood Management University® year-end webinar by the same title, where I tried to hit the high points of the transfusion medicine literature.

Transfusion in Critical Care Patients

In general, critical care physicians have been very supportive of conservative transfusion practice since they started the “less is more” bandwagon with the landmark TRICC trial. There was additional information published this year regarding transfusion practice in patients on mechanical ventilation and patients with sepsis. Prior to the TRICC trial, it was commonly believed that blood transfusions were useful to help wean patients from the ventilator, with the assumption that transfusions helped improve oxygen delivery.

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The Bloody Truth: Ten Facts About Blood Transfusions
Critical Information Every Physician, Nurse, and Hospital Executive Should Know

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Blood Management Videos

sbms video thumb Cytoscan: Pre & Post Transfusion
Strategic blood management overview Transfusion effect on microcirculation
why is nursing role important thumb blood-management-doctors-day-thumb

Why is nursing's role important to transfusion safety?

Strategic Healthcare Group Tribute to Doctors' Day 2012

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